Hey guys, LINKY HERE!

Looking for some feedback on this song, would love to get a few opinions on it.
It's a funk rock instrumental. As the name suggests, I'm trying to achieve a huge wall of sound based that's also funky.

Cheers bros, naturally C4C
everything sounds great, I really liked the part where you dropped the bass and then brought it back, it had a really nice effect on the song.
Nice tone guitar. The drums sounds a bit dry thought ? maybe add a little reverb on it ?
The small pause at 2:28 to 2:40 could be done a bit better i think, maybe stop the snare drum at that part ? just the cymbals and the kick until the break just before it all comes back together.

But alltogether it was a nice track, i enjoyed it.

Pleae check mine when you have some time.
I liked the song, but the drums made me quit after 40sec. I just dont like synthetic drums at all, but man, you got something going on!

now that was some weird feedback ;-)
The bass was great. The Wah pedal was a little over used for my liking. If you programed the drums you did a great job. I know that takes forever... The mix is very nice and well balanced. Great job!
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Rockin and funky. Alot of wah, though it complemented it well. Only thing I didn't like is how the program drums sound, if you're using ez drummer I'd say get superior drummer 2 (or a real drummer lol)
I leik music
Like wah much?

I really liked this in general, good vibe to it. I don't really dig the drums as much; the synthetic feeling really comes through in certain parts too much for my liking (straight snare 16th note rolls for one). Playing with velocities to emulate which hand is being used and where in the rhythm the hits are can help with that, though. Good mix otherwise though, and great job.