I play with a Fender Eighty-Five solid state amp which sounds beautiful, however yesterday I played a gig and they didn't mic up the amps so I really had to turn it up and push it really hard, I used my Boss DS-2 on a very loud heavy distorted setting too. As we were setting up yesterday my amp would just suddenly cut out but then it would work when I turned it back on again and then is started to behave and everything went well.
However, I have just gone to play it now for the first time since and when I turn it on I get a loud electrical hum, I usually get a small hum from my pedals but nothing this bad, and when I went to play with a really high gain distortion with some effects on, it basically just sounded like shit
Have a damaged this old amp yesterday pushing it so far?
Or does it just need a service?
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Any suggestions to my cause of action?
Fender Custom Shop Designed 50's Classic Player Strat
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If, as you were playing loudly, things heated up, then it is possible that due to the heat and the old componentry that something might have gotten loose or damaged or something along those lines. Since you're still getting sound I kind of feel like its a simple thing like that. However, finding out what exactly the problem is, is difficult with solid state amps because of tiny PCB's.

Are you at all experienced with electronics? If not (and if you said "maybe", or "kind of" then that is a NO) you should take it to an amp tech. Although its hard to find techs who will work with SS amps, or are at all good with them.

Although before we jump to conclusions: how does the amp play without pedals? How does it play at volumes you regularly had it at?

Thinking about it more I think something came loose and is making a loopidy loop somewhere, or other fun things like that. But I'd take it to a tech first if I didn't know exactly what I was doing.
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Without pedals it still makes the same sound even at lower normal levels and bedroom levels. I'm still getting sound which is making me think that there is just something blown or gone funny inside, and as my electronics knowledge is very limited it looks like I will be sourcing about a decent amp tech soonish!

Thanks for the help
Fender Custom Shop Designed 50's Classic Player Strat
Orange Micro Terror