Hey Bass forum,

I'll preface this by saying that I know nothing about how guitar/bass electronics work, so if what I'm saying doesn't make sense, that's probably why.

I wanted to know if it was possible to add a passive pickup to an active bass; like, not replace one of them, just add an extra passive one.

I'm using a Korean-made Spector with two pickups, one towards the neck and one towards the bridge, so would there be some to way to, say put a precision pickup in the middle of them, or something like that?

I essentially want a way to maintain sound if my battery were to suddenly die in the middle of a song, to get me through to the end of the song/set. If there's a better/less stupid way to do that (short of a backup bass), I'm all ears. Like piezo?

It's possible but you'd have to wire up a seperate volume and tone pot for it an maybe more, i cant remember.
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yeah it's definitely possible to add another pickup, just add the pickup and a volume control for it, but i think you can use the same volume control for both the passive and active pickup, im not 100 % sure though, but im pretty sure you can, also you would have to add a switch so you can select one or the other, its pretty simple after all, just some wires and some soldering, the site guitarnuts.com is pretty cool to learn about wiring
There's no active pickups in a Korean Spector. Only passives, either EMG-HZs or the SSD-EMGs. That battery is powering an active pre-amp in your bass which has two controls for a bass and treble boost. If you REALLY want that passive P pickup then you better get routing.
You can wire in a switch that will bypass the preamp (personally I'd just use a push/pull pot on one of the existing controls instead of drilling a new hole for a switch) and just let the passive pickups run by themselves, which wouldn't be hard if you're good with a soldering iron.
You can also run active pickups with passive ones if you really want to, but it's a pain in the arse to wire, and not really applicable here.
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Why go through the work of adding a pickup when you could one of this to your bass.
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