i have up loaded some songs on my profile and would love everyones feedback ill be more than happy to leave some for your songs as well

a new day is my fav.
I really like your use of effects sounds very cool.

Strong - drew me in with the nice bit then completely threw me the drop. You remind me of my friend who plays very similar stuff to you and I like that style with the classically flair. The tapping is amazing.

Regret Between the tides - Sick track like the break downs and stuff.

I find it really hard to critique this style of music because it all seems so amazing but you definitely need to get some vocals on them. Maybe some inflames style lyrics or something. Some growls, roars I dunno you know what I mean.

So similar to my mate gonna show him your stuff when i see him next!

Crit for crit if you dont mind xD