I want to get a new amp because I really dont like my Line 6 Spider III amp. I was thinking of getting an amp head and a cabinet. This would mostly be for home practice, but as I get better at the guitar I might want to use it for other things to. I was thinking of getting an amp head around $800 and a 100W cabinet, but I am also open to combo amps. I play metallica but also bands that are heavier than that, but I also like to play softer things to. I was looking at the Mesa Boogie Trans Atlantic TA-15 amp head or the Orange Dual Terror DT30H, I am also looking at the Marshall MA Series MA100C combo. What would be the best amp to get for the music I play and the price.
you can get a preowned blackstar they have one of those switches to turn the wattage down so it would be practical from home and band use.
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The amp cabinet around 300 and the head around 800 but 900 being the max for the head.
I've never played the transatlantic but its supposed to be pretty awesome. See if there is one near you that you can try out.

The dual terror is alright - not much of a clean tone. Seriously though, can you just scroll down a few pages and look at other similar threads? Every day like 10-20 of these exact threads get posted, and the same 3-5 amps get recommended.
and you want a 100 watt cab for a 15-30 watt amp why?
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