its 3 weeks old and been set up by 2 diff people. GC and a mom and pa store still buzzy

The 3rd string is open is real buzzy

Im gonn abring it back to ma and pa stoer and have him tweek it. The inotation is dead on each fret is perfectly in tune.
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You bring the guitar back and tell them "I just paid for a setup, and the strings are buzzing. Do it again, but better."
You'll get better answers than from me I'm sure - I think the answer is "yes" but then again its also possible to have a ton of space between your strings and your frets. My understanding so far is that you've got to find a good balance based on the particular guitar in your hand as quality and characteristics vary per guitar.

I'm trying to learn to setup my gear myself and believe this book has helped me a lot:

Depends on what type of guitar you have. I had my semi-cheap 300$ Epiphone Les Paul set up but still had fret buzz later on, couldn't have low action either. Later I learned the frets were uneven. It's not the same for my Agile which I paid more for it and currently have no fret buzz at all.
ou need to raise the action... normally with an alun key. mines on my tremelo. hope thats helped
what specs your MIM strat have? because some with 7.25 and even 9.5 necks can buzz a little, mine's a 7.25"-er and has a little buzz when i literally assault the strings with my plectrum, but otherwise it's fine.
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just was wondering about radius really... probs a 9.5er

it's possible, but i think compromises may have to be made ie action needs to go up.
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