Hi, i was considering buying something like a Boss NS-2 for my setup. Currently just using an LTD MH-401 with a Peavey 6505. Could i just use the suppressor from guitar to amp? Would that work? Please submit any advice you have as i have no ****ing idea.
well I have a beta aivin ng-100 and I use it like you said. guitar then pedal then amp. But beware that Noise supressor can change youre tone. With my other effects I run them on the effects loop of my amp head. That is what works best for me.
you should already have a noise suppressor with the 6505, if you have it loud then the feedback is so bad
I have a Peavey JSX and a Boss NS-2. It helps sooo much. The JSX has a built in noise gate but I find it awful. The NS-2 got rid of the crazy feedback and most of the buzz. That's just going Guitar > NS-2 > Amp
as mentioned above, guitar-NS2-amp. that will work just fine. now, to set up your suppressor, set it so it just suppresses the sound enough that you can live with it. you don't want it on too high a setting or it will make the amp sound really goofy. but yeah, this will help your sound alot
a good tip:

just google x-path ns-2

it will get you rid of most feedback and amp hum..
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