Hi, I had an horrible behringer el toro, an now i want to by an ltd the 101 fm to be precise, I've heard that it's sucks not this model itself but the ltd in particular(talking abaout 250-400 $ guitars). the owners of an ltd please help me to decide.
There is nothing wrong with LTD's, I have a LTD EX-50, thats awesome for its price (I payed £240) although it could use some new pickups.... but i've heard worse
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LTD which is the offbrand of ESP (one of the best if not the best guitar company). ESP has bands such as Metallica, Dokken (george lynch), Queensryche, Slayer (Jeff Heneman), Children of Bodom, and many others. Strangely enough, unlike squier and epiphone the offbrands are still very very good. I would buy an LTD over many other brands but its all about you.
Agathis body wood? Yuck. fixed bridge is a good idea especially at this pricepoint.
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Save up a bit more and get one of their 'real' instruments. The super low end ones make too many compromises. They have a new line of 330 models coming out which are supposed to be the best of quality and price mixture. Otherwise, just save up $500 for a used 1000 model.
The LTDs at lower price are generally much better for the money than an Epiphone or Dean or something. The 50 series isn't too good, but anything 100 to 330 are solid beginner guitars, and 400 to 1000 are the best intermediate guitars on the market IMO.
I always suggest the H-101 FM for beginners who are serious and to people who are looking for a decent second guitar when they get serious, plays really well and looks great for a $250 guitar. Put in a set of Duncan or EMG pickups and you've got a great backup guitar for a regularly gigging musician, or the perfect guitar for those are starting to learn and become more into the intermediate and advanced categories, and/or playing small venues.

Go for it bro.
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Agathis body wood? Yuck. fixed bridge is a good idea especially at this pricepoint.
Basswood bro. Actually doesn't sound too bad.
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I got one of the new 101-fm's with basswood body, and I love the thing to no end. Get it if the price is right.

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If you get a fixed bridge and replace the pups sometime you've got a perfectly decent guitar
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Any thoughts on the H351NT?
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junk. anything below 300 isnt worth the money new


@Pat_s1t 50 & 100 are exactly the same.

TS (and anyone else interested) I have a blog in my profile that you probably want to check out regarding the quality levels of ESP and it's subsidiaries.
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Don't listen to any of the morons knocking LTD. The low cost ones (50 series, etc.) are actually decent guitars, and much better than what you'd get from squier or bronze or brands like that. The higher priced LTDs (200, 250, 300, 350, 401, etc.) kick some major ass. They're good gutiars. I have the F-50, and apart from the tuners, it's a great axe for a low price.
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I have the most bottom end LTD there is (M-10) and IMO is THE best playing and feeling guitar i have ever purchased...and i had a Carvin that was 12x the price. It's a korean with a basswood body. I did replace the pickups to help it sound wise though. Would've never given ESP a thought as i don't play metal and didn't think the neck would feel that good.

Got to get rid of an Agile and a Tele now to make room for another ESP/LTD
i own LTD guitar but 1000 deluex , so if u can save a bit more money and get secound hand one 400 -1000 series would be better, but if u dont want to spend alot of money on the guitar go for it cause ltd guitars are great but the more expensive guitar u buy the more quality u get thats my opinion hope it helps
A lot of the 50 series LTDs are actually perfectly good guitars, especially for the price. I'm a huge fan of the necks in particular.
I will agree that the cheaper LTD's aren't the greatest guitar in the world, but if you are looking for a good beginner instrument you can't go wrong with them. When I started shopping for an LTD I sat down at a larger music store with a good LTD selection and played a variety (I was trying to decide on body shapes) and was playing both higher and lower end models (I know I played an F-50 and an H-50 as well as their higher end equivalents) and both felt good to play and felt to be of about the same build quality. So they all play well it just comes down to the pickups and hardware.
cheapo LTD's are pretty much hit or miss. i've got an MH50NT and i love it to death. but i've also played one that was absolute bollocks
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