Ive been playing guitar now for well over 2 years, and im fully capable of playing simple shred and melodic solos over backing tracks. This is what ill be doing in a few weeks, at my school's upcoming music performance night (i decided to balls up and put my name down, to get the fear of my first gig gone).
The main problem is, on some days, i can play really well, and this ups my motivation, and i keep playing well that day. However, there are days where i jsut struggle to play altogether. I am really scared that ill get this bad luck on the day of the performance.
IS there anyone else out there that this happens to? and if so, is there anything i can do to help boost my chances of playing well, and not choking my first gig?
I think that the good days and bad days happens to all musicians. I been playing for 30 years and gigging for 20. My gig day routine is I do a warm up the day of the gig and dont play too much. Get to the gig early and set up/tune up and then relaz for a bit. Make sure you know your material well and the important thing for me is I never plan to play anything that is on the limit of what I can do. For me personally I have found that the audience and nerves will affect my playing so I leave a bit of headroom in my ability and then if its going well I may well stretch, if its not going so well I am within my ability so all usually goes ok. You will be nervous but thats part of it. Enjoy the gig and hopefully it will be the first of many. Also the audience dont notice any slips or mistakes as much as you. I had a bad gig last week in my opinion and was then told by people it was the best gig our band had ever done.
I always try to get psyched before a performance. Practice a bit and then listen to some music that gets your blood flowing. My stuffs a little more mellow, so I just sit back and relax. YOU on the other hand should get the most badass music you have and blast it into your ears before the performance. After listening for a little bit, play some more and then get up on stage.

P.S. I know it may be too late, but schools are the WORST place I can imagine to do your first performance. People are a lot more judgmental at school performances and they will remember how bad of a job you did for a long time if you screw things up. If you still have time, get your band playing at small crappy establishments all over if you can. Best of luck man.
Yeah, i always notice every slip up i make, and i find its usually only other guitarists/musicians who are at the same level or higher that spot them, and most people dont hear them. This is some great advice man, I thank you for it, very insightful I would love nothing more than to go gigging and songwrite/produce when im older, so im crossing everything i have that it all goes well on the day.

Thanks again!