Strumming is something I have always struggled with, when you guys are learning a song with strumming in do you listen to the song carefully over and over until you get the strumming perfect or do you have like a so to speak library of strumming patterns and you just try them out to see which suits the song best? I'm kinda struggling getting the correct strumming patterns down for various songs just wondering how you guys do it. Cheers
Just pay attention to the strumming pattern of the song. If it is drowned out, an easy option would be to look up a cover of the song and copy the strumming pattern from there. Other than that, it is relatively easy to figure out the up and down strokes and the patterns. Hope I helped.
TS: I had the same problem you had when I was starting out. If you pay attention to the rhythm, you can figure out the strum pattern. I'd recommend something like Rise Against's Swing Life Away: simple melody, it's in G, but the strum pattern will help your proficiency. Eventually you'll be able to figure out by ear; it just takes time. Keep on keeping on brother.
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try the sexolydian scale.
For me the biggest thing is to really get into the vibe of the song. Once you have the feel for it down the strumming will usually just come naturally, or you can even switch it up a bit and it will still sound right as long as you have the right feel! This adds variety as well...although easier said than done.
Don't drive yourself nuts trying to get the strumming exactly like the artists. Remember that when you play someone else's song, it's your cover version. Often the artist doesn't always play the song exactly the same every time.

Get comfortable with strumming in general, then listen to the song and get a feel for it. Once you have those two things, you can make a strum pattern that you like.
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