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nyan bread
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How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

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Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.

just, no.

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its not that annoying
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only just noticed the URL
Quote by Kumanji
How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

Quote by JDawg
Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
I don't need this site to listen to nyancat, I have 4 different versions of it as mp3 files, right on my desktop.
At least is better than Friday.
Apparently this is a signature

Yessir it is
I'd seen the pig version, I have a friend who watched it for 500 seconds straight and she was weeping with laughter. It's cute but wow, I couldn't do it..
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Nothing is better than Friday.


OMG they hav a dubstep remix. Fridays dubstep remix isnt as good as this remix.
Apparently this is a signature

Yessir it is
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At least is better than Friday.

word em up.

This actually isn't that bad, it's pretty catchy. >_>

I'm already thinking of a guitar cover of it, or maybe electro house or something.

Edit: Pressing the 'Lower the volume' button on the screen helped a bit. I recommend everyone try it.
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300 seconds...bored to the edge of death, but to be honest i have heard worse songs on the radio...
ambush is merely another name for Camping
as someone who sat through and enjoyed over 8 hours of caramelldansen this sounds like something i may excell at
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you sir are epic in every way imaginable

i literally bursted out laughing

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Hats off to you sir!

I pushed "lower volume" until the screen turned orange and the audio is so loud it's clipping.

100 seconds so far
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Wah pedal.

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That's got to be my all time favourite online death threat

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My chest hurts after that.
The internet is so full of crap

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I went over the 46000 seconds, had to stop cause of other people but I could go on forever listening to it
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I don't do things small

Except children.
I have this in the background the entire I play minecraft.
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:golfclap that is going in the avatar book

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I wanted to make one of these my avatar but someone else already did (

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I also support this as a standard emoticon.

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This should become a standard emoticon.

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This needs stickying. This post alone.

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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
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