I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this but here goes anyway;

Me and a mate have regular practice sessions (not really serious, we don't gig or generally play for other people). He owns and electric guitar and I own an acoustic guitar and we generally play songs with 2 guitar parts. However, we are having trouble finding songs to learn as many songs may have an interesting lead part, but may just be 3 chords over and over again in the rhythm (or vice versa,) and this can get very tedious, especially if the song is fairly long.

Because of this we try to look for songs that are both fun to play and fit our musical tastes. Our musical tastes are generally Alt Rock, Experimental, Classic Rock, Trip Hop, Grunge, Blues and a bit of Indie. Our current set of songs that we play are as follows:

Radiohead - Paranoid Android
Radiohead - Just
Radiohead - No Surprises
Radiohead - Banana Co
Radiohead - Climbing Up The Walls
Radiohead - Exit Music
Radiohead - Lucky
Radiohead - Airbag
Radiohead - Go To Sleep
Radiohead - 15 Step
Radiohead - Karma Police
Radiohead - Morning Bell
Stereophonics - The Bartender and The Thief
Oasis - Some Might Say
Pearl Jam - Got Some
Pearl Jam - The Fixer
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - The Zephyr Song

I was just wondering if anybody on UG knows any more songs that can be played by 2 people (1 on electric, 1 on acoustic).
I know this doesn't fit into the genres you play, but check out some Opeth. A lot of their songs involve a clean guitat with some lead guitar work over top.
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