Im sick of Fender/Gibson guitars, could someone list some more original makes of electric guitar apart from (jackson, dean, schecter, esp,)etc

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G&L Miller Guitars, my local musical store has 2. but i dunno. Jay turser (which suck imo)

And isnt this supposed to be in electric guitar forum?
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Hamer, Carvin, Eastman, Gretsch, Suhr, U.S. Masters.

Absolutely amazing guitars. Also Vigier.
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Oh, and I also like Eastwood guitars.

Also Warrior, Zion, and Thorn. Breedlove also makes a couple sexy electrics.
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Mayones of course. Best there is.

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Caparison and Parker. Can't forget Hufschmid either.
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This man is smart.

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you spelt colors wrong

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