Hey guys this is my first post, I've searched for this topic but can't seem to find it so here goes...

I'm looking to buying a bass for around £150 (i dont know what that is in dollars sorry) and i've come across an Ashton bass, the spec. and review seems good, but a bit too good to be true and i've never heard of the make before can anyone help me out? are ashton a good make, is this bass worth getting and if not any alternatives??

[This is my first bass but im not really a 'beginner' as i've been playing for a few months using a borrowed bass off my friend, so im looking for a bass that's cheap but good]

thanks guys much appreciated
My dads got an Ashton acoustic bass, the build quality is alright, had to get it set up though. And as you would expect the wood it was made from isnt very good, but hey, its a cheap bass.

On the whole I would say they are an alright make for their price, although you could try and find something by a make like Westfield, Aria or Encore, again both are quite cheap and it does kinda show, but that doesnt matter at this stage and I love the tone of my old Westfield :P

If you dont mind buying used you may be able to find an older squire or epiphone in your range.

Hope that helps
If money is an issue, then it's almost always better to go used.
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Thanks for the advise i'll have a look at some used basses see what i can find !!!
Plenty of people around here started out on Ashtons, because they're cheap. I suppose they're not the worst instruments in the world if you find a decent one and give it a good set up, and their "higher end" stuff isn't horrible. Their valve amps aren't too horrible either actually.

I'd look for something better used personally. You'd probably get a used Squier VM for that money.
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