I am going to buy a recording interface. My budget is about $150 or so.

I am narrowed it down to either the M-Audio Fast Track Pro or the Presonus Audiobox....

Any others I should look at? I would like something that is USB--I have an evga X58 motherboard but I am not sure if it has firewire, plus from the many reviews I have read on both of these boxes, latency is not an issue. I have a pretty fast computer and I am not worried about latency. I have read complaints about both boxes on drivers, but many of those are a year or two old. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Both pretty much have the same options, they are about the same price, one is plastic and one is metal...I'm just not sure which to get. Can you convince me? I went onto eBay and found an audiobox for $135 and that is the one I am leaning towards right now.

Do I have to use monitors with these devices or will they play through my pc speakers? I don't want to have to wear headphones at all times when I am just playing along with songs.