Hey everyone!

Well here is my gear before asking the question.

Ecoustic/Electric guitar, APX-4A
US-100 USB Audio Interface-Tascam
Esteban Guitar Amplifier G-10
Shure SM 58 mic

Ok, well I am (for the moment) just trying to record in Audacity my lyrics and songs dubbed. However, I recently recieved a Esteban guitar amplifier and it was made in 04 its practically brand new, like me trying to figure out what to do with this equipment.

Ok, I have had several interfaces along with M-Audio that is not compliant at all with my HP computer. So I purchased this simple Tascam interface and so far so good.

I see where I can hook up the guitar into the Tascam interface, however, I as of yet have not purchased the cord needed to plug into my guitar and amplifier then possibly running it into the computer. I was a little confused because I have Input and Output with amp but above the output in writing sais Headphones and that threw me a curve. I am not familiar with these devices and dont what to fry any components by experimenting and plugging things in.

My guess is...the out put on Esteban amp is for headphones and also for the use of running an output chord to the Tascam interface in order for the guitar sound to be picked up by the computer. I have this equalizer on the side of my guitar and again I have never used this. I have put a battery in this but have heard nothing. Not sure if that even works unless you have an amplifier to use anyway. I have a plug in on my guitar so my hope is that the guitar will work either way. I dont think its dependent on a 9 volt battery for the amplifying sound to crack, dont know.

Ok, sooo, would that same output on Estaban be for the guitar as well as headphones? Just thought that the two in one thing was a tad bit off. As I said, I dont want to fry up wires. Just a nifty lil amp I received for free and thought, hey..might as well give it a flush and see if I can bring it together.

I am to eventually purchase Mixcraft 5 as this is equivalent to GarageBand and mix my songs up but for now I am just singing, playing my guitar and dubbing music.

Any help is good help, thank you ahead of time.