I'm looking for the best delay pedal I can get for under £170.
The more features the better but I'd prefer good sound quality over features.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Loads of options, but your budget will limit you.
If you are willing to go used, a TC Electronics Nova Delay may be a good option.
I got mine used from craigslist for $150 (New is $250 I think).
Tons of options, 9 presets (Which is what sold me on it).
I think it sounds great.

The Boss DD-7 is pretty decent as well, about $100 or so used. About $170 new.

This is all in US moniez. I don't know the current conversion rate for pounds.
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As codemonk said you have a lot of options. Two delays that are highly recommended that I can remember is the Wampler Analog Echo and the Dr.Scientist Sunny Day Delay.
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What type of delay sound are you after? Analog, tape, digital?

I assume that, considering your comment "the more features the better but I'd prefer good sound quality over features", you would be happy with a delay that doesn't have boundless amounts of features, right?

In which case I will suggest the Subdecay Echobox, Malekko Ekko 616, Diamond Memory Lane Jr. (only if you're willing to push your budget a little), Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Delay, Freakshow FX Digilog Delay, Wampler Faux Tape Echo, Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay CB, Catalinbread Montavillian, CMAT Mods Deelay, MXR Carbon Copy, Way Huge Aqua Puss, Tech 21 Boost D.L.A, and DMB Lunar Echo, etc.

If you want more features then something like the Digitech Hardwire DL-8, TC Electronic Nova Delay, Repeater or Flashback, or Boss DD7 will have to suffice.