alright so ive had this amp for about two years now, got it lightly used. anyway whenever i go to use one of the built in effects, i get the sound of that effect buzzing in the background. sorry if im bad at explaining this, theres probably terminology i dont know. for example if i have it set to flanger i get a swirling flanger sound even when im not playing anything, even when theres nothing plugged into the amp. i thought that it was just a downside to the built in effects, but then i realized that my friends amp, same as mine, doesnt have this problem and theres no "effect feedback" on his even when the effect level is maxed.

help me fix it! if its possible
Hey there, I understand what your getting at. Im mainly a bass player and the effects I use give the same sort of feed back, plus my warwick and line 6 amps just hiss alot, I also have a Crate Flexwave head + 2 4x12 cabs. And it also plays the effect "type" as a kind of ghost note if you know what i mean.. I can't really tell you what's wrong with your amp, because mine work fine,,,but if it helps at all, i'd go to a luthier or contact Crate Customer support?