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Last week my nails were long and pissing me off, so I left school at lunch to go clip them. But the clippers were dull and left my nails all jagged and shitty. So I grabbed the nail file and did it. It felt like scratching your nails down a sandpaper chalkboard, but I got used to it and my nails were super awesome.

Has anybody else filed their nails, or do it on a regular basis? It's actually kindof a brilliant idea. +1 women
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No, oddly enough

-1 women
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No, the thought of it makes me cringe in the same way scratching paper does.
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I do cause I hate it when my nails have those rough edges, it's more of a compulsive thing.
Yes, everytime I cut them. I like a neat nail.
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I haven't but a girl did my middle finger in study hall once. Learned all about ridges and cuticles and it was pretty soft afterward.
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I clip, file, and occasionally buff to a mirror sheen.

Although more practically, I find if I don't file the corners after cutting them, the corners dig into my fretting hand. I also find it kind of hilarious that if I let them get too long, my fingerstyle bass playing sounds almost like I'm using a pick.

How is it this thread got to 11 posts without anyone saying anything guitar-related...

EDIT: Damn, beaten to it.
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Yes...I file them into claws.
I have filed them in the past for guitar purposes.
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Classical guitar. I file and even polish (you know, the finer files) them to get a better sound and grip.
I once did and the feeling made me gotta leak really bad, so no
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Yes, so that the jagged edges don't catch on stuff

By which I mean, if they're catching I file them; I don't just file them after clipping them.
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I play country so I pretty much have to.

I only file going downward though. Back and forth makes me cringe...
yes i file my ****ing nails every ****ing day mother ****er, fingerpicking ftw
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no shit, youre supposed to file them, unless you like nails with multiple points

Pfft, you're not clipping your nails right.

I'm growing my right ones out so i'm going to have to start filing also.
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My girlfriend files mine because she cant stand when i poke her with them at night. But I hate the feeling more than anything. She has to basically persuade me into it.
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The only time I filed my nails was for Halloween one year where I shaped them into claws for a Werewolf costume. Other than that never.
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Um was the language necessary? Do you usally get so passive aggressive when taking care of your cuticles

generally i leave my cuticles alone, they pretty much take care of themselves.

ya I get pretty proctective of my nails

i live im a semi gay building and in the elevator once this dude was like "oh nice nails"

and i was like, i play guitar man, jeeze

but ya i file before every classical practice session, or after 20 mins warm up, so usually everyday, but just a tiny bit so you get that extra bite, you know what im talking about
Yes, everytime I cut my nails. I hate when the nails get stuck into my clothes and stuff.
So, I file my fingernail, run it through shirt/sweater or whatever I'm wearing, if it gets stuck or feels really scratchy against my clothes then I file some more until they smoothly glide over and then I repeat the process with every finger.
I never file my toenails, though.
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Classical guitar, brah

This. I sport stiletto styled nails 24/7.
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I file mine every now and again.
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my cousin cuts his nails but plays finger style and i was trying to show him that if you file you can get it exactly how you want and he was kind of like, not into it....
I file my nails all the time for my classical guitar playing.
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Yeah, finger style guitarist.

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I file mine almost daily. I only use one specific file though because it's the only one I've found that doesn't make me cringe.
Yes, once. I used my clippers to cut the excess string after I restrung my acoustic, and I guess .11's are enough to tear up some clippers. Had to file them down. Felt terrible, but I gotta say, they looked great.
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