Next week I begin my hunt for my second guitar and plan to visit a bunch of music shops and see what i want. Ive only been playing 6 months and am not really good enough to need an upgrade yet but I wont be elligible for the UK Take it away scheme for much longer and if I wait my budget will be seriously cut into. Im looking to spend about £300-600 and have made a list of a few I want to try out such as the Ep Zakk Wylde, Gibson LP Studio and a bunch of Ibanezs and maybe a Fender Tele but is there any less well known brands/guitars to look out for and give a go? I dont really know anything about any brands not mentioned already. btw I play mostly blues and some metal depending on whether im playing alone or not.

Also when trying out a guitar what are the most important things to look out for? neck? comfort?

Also Id rather not get a strat cause i have Squier Affinity already which I intend to mod into a much better guitar. I know I could do this now instead of buying another one but I dont have anything else to play on as it would be more of a long term project for me.
Look out for comfort and sound mainly. Also think whether you want a guitar with more versitality or a guitar made more for a certain genre that you play.
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the prs se series is worth a look, just about in your budget.

as for modding a squier affinity into a 'much better guitar', they are fine for what they are (ie a starter guitar) but not worth trying to make them into anything else.
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