So this is my first post in S&L, a poem I wrote today. It's still pretty rough.

The days flow by
with no direction or tide
As nights float on
with the love that shines out
brighter than the moon
brighter than the streetlights
Nobody can see the light
but the ones who have walked the road before us
Nobody will ever know
but the ones who turn theirh eads with jealous eyes.
The lights start to dim, our eyes grow wide
The lights grow brigher as we come in closer

Brighter than our eyes can take.

Love washes over us like the warm sea waves that crash on the beach
They tell all the jealous eyes
"Chase after your dreams"
not to lay on the beach
with limp, lifeless limbs
wondering what the light of love,
shining on their face would feel like,
if they could find it.
They'll feel it once they figure out how to turn it on.
Once they find the one.

But for me?
I found the light,
I turned it on,
and I found you.
Now I'm