I'm going to buy a new guitar soon, and need to make my mind up, I play a wide range of music from Trivium-style metalcore, to punk.
I need:
At least 22 frets
Decent ability to hold tuning

I rather like Les Pauls, but it'd take me ages to get the extra money for a gibson, I also like Explorers quite a bit, and I'm open to more suggestions.
My budget is around 400-500 pounds, but I can save more.
I do play regular gigs with my band, so It needs to be reliable.

Thanks, Danny.
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

ltd eclipse, les paul shape, can get them with emgs or seymour duncans, could get one used in your budget or save up a bit more for a new one, your perfect guitar
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If you can save more, get a Gibson explorer if you like them. They're not that much over 500 pounds when you start saving for them. Saving for a quality instrument pays the worth totally. I am, for example, saving for a Gibson Traditional and it costs about 1900 euros. Now that might look like "OH MAH GAD THAT'S A LOT" but I've saved 600 euros already for it this year. So probably next year or little bit sooner I'll have it and it'll be worth the wait.

So you should really get exactly the guitar what you want. The sound must fit your needs, the style must fit your needs, everything must be exactly you want it to.. Well not everything, that'd be a custom,there's always some flaws.

I've seen Trivium play Gibson Explorers, Les Pauls; Dean Razorbacks and MLs; Jackson guitars.... they're really all very different guitars. If you're going for a Gibson, you should try Flying V, Explorer, SG and Les Paul to see which one is the best of them for you before deciding, then some other guitars, like Jackson, Dean, ESP and so on. Of course the local shop might not have everything there, but you should try different guitars before you buy to know what you're buying and be sure that the guitar is going to be your guitar for a long while.
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Well, if you like to play metal, punk, etc. and you want more than 24 frets, and a decent ability to hold tune, I suggest buying an Ibanez RGA32-TYF

I don't think they make them anymore, but you can certainly find one around at your local music store, or online as they quit making them this year.

I own one, and I might write a review on it, and it's probably my favorite guitar in the house (7 guitars in total, including 2 1960's guitars, on electric, one semi-acoustic). Great playing ability, can hold a note for ever, awesome action, a nice flat neck, etc.

for looks, Just search Ibanez RGA32-TYF 2010 version on google images, the 2011 model also looks great, but I prefer the 2010 model over the 2011 model for looks.

Price is around $800 CND which is about 484.99 pounds, so right in the middle of your price range (I got mine for $300 CND which is 181.87 Pounds).

all in all, they are great, affordable guitars.

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LTD EC-1000 (may need to stretch your budget a little). covers every single one of your needs (some have 22, some have 24 frets. not really a big deal though) and they're very good playing guitars
Get a BC rich beast WMD SOB guitar is amazing. if you want something like a les paul shape then go for deciever x of dean its just 200 dollars. if your still not satisfied just go a jackson its the best
Have you tried Vintage yet? They are from GB. I have heard very good things about them in reviews. Just trying t be realistic with your budget, but if you want to save get you a used PRS CE22/24. It will do any style that you ever will play.
I would reccomend the Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul comes loaded with EMG 81/85 combo which i love and its great for metal, holds tuning nicely aswell