Hey guys;

We just finished a basement recording of our new song, The Divine Throne.

If you anyone could check it out and leave comments/ criticisms that would be amazing. And of course, we will c4c your stuff together as a band!!!!

We really appreciate everyone's comments!!! Great community here

The song is here on our myspace: http://www.myspace.com/openwidethesky

Again, the name of the song is 'The Divine Throne.' You guys rock!!! \m|

-->(Our guitarist may have already posted this song on here in a thread...if he has and you've commented on that already, ignore this).
I really like the riffs you have there, the guitaring is really nice. The vocals on the other hand, are horrible imo, but I've never been a fan of that style of vox, so it could be just me. Not too keen on the clean singing either - It's on the way there though.

The song has nice dynamics, it flows nicely. I feel it could be a lot more progressive considering your chops though - it's mostly in pretty straight time signatures.

I like the drumming too, it's really driving and intense, though perhaps mixed a little too loud. Especially that cymbal bell at 4:20.

All in all this is a nice song, although I feel it could be more "progressive", in the the terms that it could push the boat out a bit more musically if you want to call it progressive.

C4C? http://soundcloud.com/misdirected/boom

Of a similar style The mix is a bit dodgy, but some guys down the college did it for free so I can't complain Just PM me the crit or post it in this thread.
There are parts in this song i really enjoy, but others that just sounds a little too metalcore influenced in that you stay within the same notes. Part of progressive music is it's exploration away from the norm in note choice, so keep that in mind.

As a metal song, this builds very nicely and drives nice and hard. 2:40 section is pretty awesome btw. Vocals though, could use some work.. I'm sure thats just your equipment and such for the heavy growls. The clean singing is "a little pitchy dog", thats just a matter of really hearing the note and executing it (can be an easy fix).

The mix needs work obviously, but given what you guys have at the moment, its just alright. Solos are cool, but i urge you to once again try to be more creative with your note choice, its rly tough to do, but if you do it right it can augment your music.

Overall, not bad man. The mix will improve with time and such, so spend more time on that as well as note choice/vocal things. Potential is there for sure!

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