the truth about one of your favorite bands and became disgusted with them?

I got to talk to Sean Sammon, who was a founding member of Puddle of Mudd in the 90's. Now, Puddle of Mudd, in my opinion has sucked since after "Life on Display" and having said that, I can say that even "Life on Display" kinda sucked ass. Either way, There was an obvious decline in the bands career.

I'm one of the lucky fans to own their first two albums (which will be remastered and released later this year), "Stuck" and "Abrasive". And personally, besides some shit vocals, I prefer those two albums over most of their other stuff. But Wes was the only one to go one with the band for "Come Clean".

Well, I found out why, I got to hear the real story and it was confirmed with another original member. the story you hear on wikipedia and rock magazines was cleverly planted by the industry. It never happened like that. without telling the story as it's not mine to tell, basically, Wes took the master tapes and hired members to replace the originals because he wanted to tour while some of the original members just had kids and wanted a break to take care of their families.

So, I'm now highly disgusted with the band the the world NOW calls Puddle of Mudd.

TL,DR: Just read the damn post!

any one else have any horror stories about some of your favorite bands?
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I don't read about the artists.
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i can care less about what artists do with their personal life. as long as they make good music and perform what they can creative, then i'm good.

dave matthews dumping shit, fred durst making a sex tape, avril lavigne not composing her own songs, etc.. i can care less about that
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