My little brother just bid on one on ebay and I just think its a crap guitar but he thinks its super rare and it will be worth alot of money one day because it so freaking weird looking. Has anybody ever played one? I just think there is a better guitar out there for the price. This thing is like 400 bucks.
Man, if I wasn't looking for a new half stack I'd pick that thing up right now haha
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who has Alvarez Dana Scoop, I need your help
I have the Scoop, Black w/Graphite neck. but dana pickup and some circuit has been replace by EMG pickup.
now,I want to install dana pickup and some circuit back to original guitar. but I don't know how to wiring them.
I need help. I want to see photo of wiring diagram under back cover for install my dana pickup.
Can you take pic for me? Please, I can't find original wiring diagram from web.
Please reply to my email : dusit@hotmail.com