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Dude, don't be advertising your own site here.

Is it advertising my site? It's a guide to how to use the CAGED system. I can't really do lessons with people all over the world, so I don't see how that's advertising my site. I've written an article, now I'm sharing it.

Are you not allowed to post links to articles you've written?
Luke Mosse Guitar Teacher in Bristol, UK
^ it's clearly advertising your site. If you want to submit articles to UG you can do that on the front page - just to the right of where you submit tabs. We do allow you to link to lessons you've hosted elsewhere to help out others with specific questions but just starting threads to link to your own site is expressly against the rules.

And, seeing as you ignored the last mod who asked you to - remove the links from your sig please. Might want to read the rules - check the the new members forum.

And I don't think that's a particularly well put together lesson to be honest - despite talking about application of the CAGED system, you only really use the lesson to reinforce the importance of knowing the notes on the bass strings, when there's a lot more to it... I doubt many people came away from that with a better sense of when to use the C shape barre for example. Or how the system relates to scale knowledge at all.