Hi there, I am new to the forums and new to the guitar world, so please dont be too harsh on me , I am a bassist currently. I listen to mainly Muse, and I really like the look of the Squier Telecasters, im not going to go out and blow a $1000 on a Fender, because im not entirely sure if I will like guitar. I am looking for a telecaster that will sound pretty similar to Matt Bellamy with his effects. Would I want a humbuckered telecaster or single coil telecaster? Is there a huge difference ? I was looking at a Squier tele custom II with the dual P-90s, it seems pretty versatile to me, almost like a les paul the way it is set up. So would I want humbuckers or single coils for "that" sound that Matt Bellamy is known for?

Thanks in Advance ! sorry for the long post. Noob has questions
Through the amount of effects Matt Bellamy uses it doesn't really make a difference He uses humbuckers though. Really don't get something to copy Bellamy's soundget something that will always sound amazing.
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You'd mainly want humbuckers for playing muse. Not too much of their sounds delve too deep into the realm of single coils. Most of his custom guitars are equipped with humbuckers as well. He uses a shit ton of effects as well, so you're not going to get the tone you want for every song, but humbuckers will put you in better shape than single coils.
1. go to www.mansons.co.uk (where matt bellamy gets his guitars from)
2. buy one of their tele's under 'electric guitars'
3. ?????
4. profit
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