I have watched every YouTube video but I have only been able to do 1 Pinch Harmonic in 3 months and I want to get it so I can pull it off every time, can anyone explain the technique please?
choke up on the pick, when you pick the string your thumb should immediately be touching the string for a second, also....really just mess around until you can get it.

Something that is important, depending on your guitar, pickups, amp, settings, etc., getting a pinch harmonic to sound out right is easier or harder.
Dude, once you notice that you know how to do it but for some reason it isnt "done", go to the nearest music store and try to do it with another guitar/amp. ^^ Sometimes the low range amps may suck and not reproduce nor pinch harmonics nor taps correctly nor shit. Thats why they are low range, btw.
Try this. Cheers.

EDIT: I forgot, Try some Pizzicato. If you can do it, then it isnt your amp's fault and you may ignore everything i said about the amp. Good Luck =)
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Try pinching either 12 or, what would be, 24 frets above which fret you're trying to pinch
Then work the rest out from that
1) turn up distortion
2) try on normal harmonics
3) go and try another guitar
also try adjusting where on the string you're picking, as in where between the neck and the bridge. Once you find the "sweet spot" try and remember it in orientation to your pickups or something
invest in an overdrive pedal and a tube amp, crank the distortion on the tube amp and turn on the overdrive, there you go, that'll help.
it has nothing to do with amps, settings, pedals or any of that. its all technique, its about where you touch the string with thumb. you have to really dig in, and choke up on the pick. if you go messing around by maxing your distortion/overdrive, you're gonna ruin your tone... practice them on a clean setting, thats really the best way to perfect them. then you can use your regular distortion and they'll sound like they should.
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turn up the distortion, and keep trying. I find it easier to do them in drop C too, so you can give that a shot. Once you can do that on the 3rd fret, try tuning back into drop D or standard E (whichever you prefer). Remember, just let your thumb just barely touch the string (after you pick). Doing a vibrato or a bend after the harmonic also extends it's duration (and overall awesomeness).

Hope you get it!
First off, what you need to know, and I'm sure people will battle me for this, but that's not a pinch harmonic. That's an artificial harmonic.

An Artificial Harmonic is when you kind of twist the pick and swipe the string with your thumb. Most people refer to this as a Pinch Harmonic.

A Pinch Harmonic is when you hold a chord with your fretting hand and put the index finger of your picking hand on the fretboard very lightly, as if to do a natural harmonic, and pluck with your thumb, to get a harmonic.
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Jackson RR Professional, early 90's japanese model, with EMG's

Digitech GNX3000

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A little practice routine I do is I really choke up on the pick and try to aim for the pickups ring or somewhere in between the pickups. when I play pinch harmonics I'll take a powerchord shape an A5 for example and try and hit all the notes in the chord. But I play them as pinch harmonics. Just practice and add lots of vibrato to the end of your pinch harmonics.
My first pinch harmonic was done accidentally... and I was like... HOW THE **** DID I DO THAT!?... Then i looked at my pick and it slide like right under my thumb... and then i pick the string and VERY VERY lightly touch the string with my thumb (like 1 second after i picked)...

So it might help to look at this as a tapped harmonic, but with not fret to tap on... a touched harmonic if you may...

So don't try to hard to get the harmonic INSTANTLY after you pick just yet... try picking then lightly touching the string and find the harmonic sweet spots that way.

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