Hey, this is my first attempt at writing ever. Thought I might as well post it here. Not sure on a title yet. I wrote this when I was angry at a friend, and was trying to forgive him, but at the same time knowing we could never be friends again, all in a Christian manner (not sure how Christian themes are received here, but oh well).

You had no care in the world
Well now the world has no care for you
Dishonesty is not a virtue
So why do you take pride?
I will pray and hope for you
But you must do the same to save your self
What ever happened to the title?
We used to call you friend
You used to call us brother
You redemption is our sacrifice
Look up, God is the answer
God is the answer to your prayers
If you call he will answer
But don't you dare call to me again
Don't rely on the will of yourself
Not of others
Not the will of this Earth
There is only grace at the cross
You won't find it anywhere else
You can't save yourself...
You can't save yourself...
Hmn, write one from the perspective of a secular Humanist...probably wont be as catchy...

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