I would appreciate some feedback on my mix of a new acoustic composition. The mix consists of a Rainsong JM1000 equipped with k&k quantum trinity (about 60% of the mix).
The other 40% was from a stereo pair of cheap MXL microphones. (sound hole and 12th fret). Also, there is reversed guitar loops for some backing (modest experimentation).

Thanks for the feedback!


C4C as usual
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Loving the guitar intro, reminds me of Mumford and Sons (=
The video is well shot too, simple but effective.
Odd bit of Fretbuzz )= but it's not too bad,
The guitar tone is gorgeous, what are you using?
I would love to hear some vocals over this...
The mix is really nice, would probably add some bass guitar in there but apart from that it's sounding great!
Great stuff, really nice tone and playing, really dreamlike. However it needs something to maintain interest. The problem with open string droning is that it doesn't feel like it goes anywhere after a while. I think a bassy melody on a cello or something along those lines would really suit the song.

Also on another note, it's generally bad practice to mic the soundhole, go a bit further along the body. That said, your tone sounds excellent! But I'd imagine if you were doing some heavy strumming it would sound woolier.

Here's mine if you get the chance: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1435719