I'm looking at some MFX boards.. I was looking at POD's because the reputation of them, for metal and hardcore stuff. I play Drop B, A# 80% of the time. I want a Multi-FX with an attached pedal, and I've been looking at XT Live's a lot! Anyways, a guy on craigslist offered me a POD 2.0 for 50$. I'm interested in that it's just that the POD 2.0 doesn't have the expression pedal attached and I can't control it all with my feet.. Anyways, I was looking at some MFX boards and I saw a VOX Tonelab ST. Looked interesting with the tube in it and I just wanted to know if it would be good for a hardcore/metalcore tone in dropped B. If someone with a Tonelab please respond on how it would sound for low tunings! Thanks
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I don't think that the ST is really the best choice for metalcore. The Pod XT Live or X3 Live is a better choice. An XT Live shouldn't cost more that $150 - $200 used (try to stay closer to $150). And X3 no more than $250 tops.

In the same price range as the ST, I would choose the RP355.
Does anybody have a problem with there tonelab se as far as a delay from preset to preset? example, if I'm in Bank 1 and on preset 1 and want to switch to preset #4 there is a 3 second delay. It is driving me nuts!! I just got this pedal board and I am still figuring it out. Any advice would be awesome. thank you