so im planning to buy this cabinet: *le-klick*

but ive got 1 question:
They write (confirmed on the manufacturers homepage) that they use 2 8 ohm V30s. but they also write that the cabinet impendance, while using tha cab in mono mode, is 8 ohms and in stereo its 16 ohms each speaker. how is this even possible ? o.O they cant magically turn 8 ohms into 16, or can they?

thx in advance
Both speakers are originally 16 ohms each and are wired in parallel together, giving you 8 ohms total, which is what you get when you plug into Mono. But if you're running in stereo mode, you're using one speaker per each jack, giving you 16 ohms on each side.
yeah im aware of this, but on the manufacturer hompage (*klick* ) they state that the used speakers have a nominal impendance of 8 ohms EACH, this is also mentioned on the sellers website ("vintage 30:...Nominal impedance: 8 ohms...")
so my problem is : do they use 16ohms even though they say that they use 8 ohms, or is the statement of 8 ohms in mono utter crap and ill have to switch the amp to 4 ohms as they wired it parallel (or 16 when they wired it serial)