Why not MusiciansFriend?
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sam ash.

they've been around longer than any music dealer in the US, including GC.

Sam himself and Les Paul were close friends.
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Is SameDayMusic and Zzounds the same company under different fronts? Their websites look like sites like sites like letstalk and cellhut, who put out multiple sites with the same pricing along with a code so phone operators know which one they are.
In that case, Sam Ash is definitely the better of the two. Only dealt with them once, but it was a good experience. I've heard horror stories from Same Day Music.
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Sweetwater, the answer is Sweetwater.


Although I've ordered things from music123, zzsounds, samash, musiciansfriend, sweetwater, jimsmusic.com, and probably more I can't remember and never had bad service. They all got me what I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. Only had to return something once to musiciansfriend. They were some cables that were defective. They were really cool and said that they'd had a few complaints about them and just keep them or throw them away and they sent me some nicer ones for free.