Well it finally came in from Japan, got it from that guy Meestursparkle on Ebay. I bought it because I was GASing a little, liked the pink color, and wanted to see how the cutaway, scalloped frets and MM04 pre-amp compared to the RR24. Oh and I also wanted a guitar for drop C and one for D tuning without having to mess around with the floyd rose all the time.

The guitar came in standard tuning... don't really know how to play much in standard tuning except a few songs, so here is me messing around:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0v7FVvE3As (recorded on my phone and put my phone down, sorry I didn't actually show the guitar in the video).

The guitar has a ton of gain, I had to put my amp at about 2-3 and raise my noise gate up high so I didn't get any feedback.

The neck is a bit thicker than the RR24 neck. I think I like the RR24 neck better but maybe I just need to get used to the E-AL-166 neck.

The scalloped frets and cutaway are cool. It's easier to play higher up on the neck.

Hard to give it a good review after only playing for a few hours, I'll post more if I have anything else to add.
Yea i tried deletin the message, anyway its awesome, yea im on dial up so they didnt show up =/
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Brings a tear to my eye

You enjoy the shit out of that guitar for me. Play something off Bodom's new album, for me haha
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dude yessssssss

i have a rr24 myself and always wondered how the Edwards Alexi compared to it.

how much did it cost? wat is the MM04 preamp?
how much did it cost? wat is the MM04 preamp?

They go for like $1,500 on Ebay but the two guys on Ebay that were selling them said they wouldn't have any stock on those guitars until around August. I ended up paying $2,000 for the guitar but if you wait til August then they'll be $500 cheaper.

The MM04 pre-amp is the little switch on the guitar on the bottom right corner (sort of hard to see from my pics). I'm not too sure of the details but I think it's just a gain booster and you can set it to boost different frequencies.
id imagine it would be like the EMG afterburner or PE-2 switch. its basically a built in boost. like, 20 decibels i think. HNGD! I officially hate you sir -_- haha