I have a prs mike mushok baritone (had passives) and just installed an emg 81 in the bridge and kept the passive in the neck. I installed the pickup like a single pickup guitar to the volume and tone. And just electrical taped the wires of the passive pickup (after I desoldered it from the switch, etc.) so it wasn't connected to anything. I plugged my guitar in and it sounds absolutely terrible...it has literally no gain at all and hums annoyingly ( not typical hum) . Please help me out.
you put a battery in right?

maybe you wired it wrong?

If you are not sure, take it to a tech and have them do it.
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Did you put a battery in?
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Did u use the circuits that came with the EMG? did u use a stereo jack as the emg needs?
Alright, here's some ideas:

Bridge ground can't be connected to where the EMG is grounded, it can actually harm it.

Though EMG's can run with 500k or 250k ohm pots(what came stock) they are recommended to run with 25k pots. Though they do run with any pot, there have been problems reported with not using the 25k pots.

Check all your solders, there could be a cold solder spot.

Check the battery connection, and try not to use a crappy battery.
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Did u use the circuits that came with the EMG? did u use a stereo jack as the emg needs?

Stereo jack is important. I hope he didnt just slap it in.
Yep, the battery was plugged in...even tried three of them....I used all the equipment that came with the pickup (pots, jack, etc.) It's so freakin basic..i dont get it....you dont even have to solder anything, it's all prewired into plugs and you plug everything into headers. I even had my buddy double check my wiring......I'm an electronics technician so I'm ashamed that I apparently did something wrong or somethin, haha. The only thing I can think of would maybe be that the passive is still sitting in my guitar....idk.....its just weird how it hums and almost crackles with no gain....and the amp is perfectly fine...i played 3 of my other guitars and they all still sound amazing.
I think I may have found it....the 3 quick connects on the stereo jack are touching the shielding paint stuff I havent had a chance to try my guitar out yet though...