i was reading the rolling-stones top 100 best guitarists, and thought it was grossly inaccurate. so i had an idea to get a vote going on ug for the greatest guitarists ever. basically just post who you think deserves to be named the greatest guitarist (just 1!). the guitarist with the most votes will go at the top, and it will work its way down. so with out any further stalling, cast your vote! ill start with top 10 and see where it goes from there.

top 10:

1. Steve Vai (4 votes)

2. Joe Satriani (3 votes)

3. Guthrie Govan (2 votes)

4. Kirk Hammett (2 votes)






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No particular order, and I don't know or listen to that many, but I'd say:

Steve vai, Joe satriani, eric clapton, kirk hammett(i don't care how sloppy or repetitive he can be, I like his style), buckethead, chris broderick
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Les Paul
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Alex Lifeson
5. Yngwie Malmsteen
6. Paul Gilbert
7. Joe Satriani
8. Steve Vai
9. Slash
10. Me
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1. Steve Vai
2. John Petrucci
3. George Lynch
4. Joe Satriani
5. Michael Angelo Batio
6. Eddie Van Halen
7. Paul Gilbert
8. Andy Timmons
9. Kirk Hammett
10. Vito Bratta

Yea I don't like pure blues guitar playing.
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page
3. Paul Waggoner
4. Dustie Waring (In the same respect as #3)
5. Ryan Knight
6. Joe Bonamassa
7. Michael Keene
8. Jack White
9. Justin Funderberk
10. Justin Longshore

I know the classic guitarists aren't in my list such as Vai and shit, but these are the best and some of the newer guitarists I feel that have some real ****ing talent.
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Guthrie govan.
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no one is ever gonna agree on this topic anyway...
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Johnny Marr
Jimi Hendrix
Isaac Brock
Les Paul
Jack White

It's a tie between these.

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Everybody have their own versions of fav guitarists so the top 100 is moot.

I doubt I'll see Buck Dharma, Mark Farner, Richie Blackmore etc in the list. Those are my favs.
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Guthrie from that list, or Vai if you wanna factor in creativity not sole technical ability
John McLaughlin is one of them. Plays all styles with technique and speed to kill.
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In no particular order

Jimi Hendrix
Frank Zappa
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Jason Becker
Marty Friedman
John Petrucci
Van Halen
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Everybody have their own versions of fav guitarists so the top 100 is moot.

I doubt I'll see Buck Dharma, Mark Farner, Richie Blackmore etc in the list. Those are my favs.

ritchie yes buck and mark probably not. well buck is on my list but i won't bother with this as it's all opinion which will lead to fights. hmm... gettin the urge for some foot Stompin Music.
Chuck Berry
Keith Richards
Dick Dale
Johnny Ramone
Joe Strummer
Those two guitarists in the Beatles

Everyone else is irrelevant.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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To me there's a huge difference between technically proefficient guitarists and ones that I really enjoy listening to. I don't think anyone's really more talented technically than Steve Vai - some of his shit it just out of this world but I don't listen to him and I listen to guitar rock/metal all day, so I'd hate to say he's the best guitarist.

Dave Mustaine, Hammet, Chris Hannah, Rivers Coumo (mostly earlier stuff), Luke Hoskin, David Gilmour, Alexi Laiho, some Satch... those are the guitarists that really get me pumped to play. I like their music tons more.

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ben weinman. totally mental guitar playing, totally mental stage presence.
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Just one? Jeez, that's hard. Paul Gilbert? Steve Vai? Eddie Van Halen? Dimebag Darrell(I know, I know, his later work's overrated, but his 80s stuff is downright amazing IMO)? Dave Mustaine? I can't pick. xD
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