I just recently bought a marshall head and cabinet. Ive been looking into getting better gear that we can use for larger shows. Do you simply mic the cabinet to feed into the PA? If so why buy a full stack? When you plug in both cabinets do you get a different range coming through each cab or something like that? Also would you mic both cabinets then? You see these bands with these big rows of cabinets, are they just for show? Because if im right, you wouldn't want that much sound coming from behind you since it would cause feedback and what not.

I was looking at john petrucci's rig and i notice he has 3 heads (in this setup i think they were the mesa/boogie Mark 5's). Why would you need that many of the same amp? The only thing i can think of is for different settings and tones that the built in presets cant do or maybe there are too many.

We're also looking at buying a PA for shows that dont have one at the venue. Ive been scoping out the different components and such that goes into it. One thing that comes to mind is for mic'ing the drums. Do you feed each mic into a different channel on the mixer? If so we would have to be sure that we are going to have the right mixer for a little while in the future.
the full stack is really uneccesary its mostly just for show ive never been at a show that really needed it and if it did you could probably do with a pa
and as for why he would need alot of head are just for either the settings or as back ups in case something goes wrong
full stacks are mostly just for show.

petrucci most likely uses all 3 amps in a wet/dry/wet rig. this involves one amp being fed his dry signal, and the other 2 being fed the wet stereo effect signal. this gives him a pretty huge stereo sound.

that or he likes having back ups haha
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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In alot of cases.

Some guitarists use different speaker sizes on their cabs, but in such cases you'd probably mic one speaker of each cabinet.
If you're big enough to play a huge venue, a huge PA system will be necessary.
Else you'd probably only need a loud combo. or a single 4x10/12

As for a pa, yes, drum mics go into their individual channels. Else you'd end up with a hugely loud snare or bass in most cases. Failing all else buy a mid sized PA then later on get a small mixer to dedicate to the drums.
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That makes sense inanez.

8foot, lol nice pic. I almost want that just for the hell of it. I have a 4x12 cab right now. I figured as much as far as the drums, just wanted to make sure there wasnt something i was missing. Now i can figure out the appropriate mixer.

Turns out john uses 2 of them for distortion and one for leads, but he has 3 so that there is one head for each stereo side. He actually has them all powering a stack each, so when you see his 3x2 wall of cabs, 2 stacks are probably working at one point in the night.
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