Hey, this seems to belong here more so than the gear forum.

I'm looking to incorporate a small MIDI controller that's easy on the pocket. I've been looking at the M-Audio Oxygen 25 and the AKAI MPK mini. The MPK25 is out of my range.

Now I'm new to the whole MIDI game, but it seems like the m-audio has the upper hand except that the MPK has those intriguing pads. My primary concern about the MPK is the lack of pitch/mod wheels and a transport. The cool thing about the M-audio is that it allows you to change through tracks and presets on the DAW on the controller, which the MPK seems to lack. I was wondering if you more experienced cats had any input as to which would be a better option.

Here's a video of the MPK in use.

And the M-Audio.

I apologize if this is better off in the gear forum.
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I've got the MPK mini. Deciding which one to get depends on what DAW you use and how often you plan on programming drums. I like the mini since I use pads more often than pitch/mod wheels and every track of mine I have to program the drums. Usually I automate the mod anyway because I want it to be exact.

...and I like lights.
I use Oxygen and it's good for the job. All the drums can be programmed with keyboard keys, so there's really not that much need for pads (for me anyway). As far as i know, MPK is a bit cheaper than Oxygen. They are really almost identical. So you'll have to go with personal preference. But yeah, changing tracks with midi controller is very useful.