Did I find the words to say, or were they planted in me?
I've spoken rather plainly, but this seems eloquent.
This word travails inside me, I have never heard before...
and it simply pierces through me, with swift enlightenment.

My hands grasp the pen and page, my soul clings to my heart.
A fountain flows within me, the silent oceans part.
The words spill across the paper and seep into the cracks.
A gentle lamb runs down my spine, leaving tender tracks.

My craft is nothing simple.
My art is not for shame.
But your canvas can't be measured,
and your portraits won't be claimed.
My efforts are not wasted.
My work is not in vain.
But your pen shakes the mountains,
and they crumble at your name.

Did I say all that you asked, does it burn within my bones?
Yes, the fires rage inside me, you always speak in tomes.
I'm glad your flame is pleasant, I'll never put it out,
It's a spectral ecstacy, it's joy unto a shout.

My mind glows with your glory, a sword leaps from my spirit.
I heard your mighty lion's roar, your words have birthed anew.
Your grace embraced my words, a vernacular unmatched.
The tree of life sprang forth within, and I found the words in You.
This is really good, well thought and well composed. I really like the imagery. Splendid!! would you mind critting mine. Break the mold, The Fear of Death, and waking destruction. thank you for this ethereal piece
Thanks! I really enjoyed how the last stanza mirrored the beginning in this one. It was a pleasure to write it.
Question: does anyone have anything they think I should improve before throwing this to a beat? It's more poetic than lyrical, but I think it can work with the right composition--critics welcome.
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