Great condition, few cosmetic scratches but nothing that affects play. Only owner before that I'm aware of was the guitarist in I Am The Ocean go look them up their badass. Asking 600 OBO, and I'm willing to listen to reasonable offers.
We really know nothing about you... where are you even selling this from?
- Ibanez S470 (2004)
- late 70's vintage Fender Stratocaster (USA)
- VOX VT100 Amp
- Digitech Whammy Pedal
- Weeping Demon Wah Pedal
- Visual Sound Volume Pedal
- MXR Micro Amp
Hahah good point. I'm selling out of Utah, I'll cover shipping in the lower 48. I honestly joined the forums only because it seemed like a good place to sell my gear. I'm trying to get rid of some old gear to get a better bass set up in my band.
Bump, sorry if it's getting annoying. Really need to sell this gear.