Hey UG,

I need some quick suggestions please. I played guitar when I was 16 for a year or two, but never seriously. Well, it has been 5 years, and I really want to get back into it.

When I tried to do it the first time around, I skipped all the "boring chords" and "boring scales", and tried to just get right into playing along with super fast guitar solos. Needless to say, my method was flawed. This time, I really want to get it right. I feel like I still have some of the dexterity/speed from before, so hopefully the beginner learning curve will be a bit smoother. The only thing I can't do is take regular lessons (work, school, etc). So, I have to try and learn using any other method.

Do you guys have any specific book/teaching-program recommendations? I don't care about the price, I just want them to cover basics and some more challenging stuff later on. Most of the books I see seem to either only cover the very, very basic stuff (G, A, C, D, and power chords) or they start out at a level that is above me. So, anything that's complete or thorough? Something that really helped you out? If it's a series of books/programs/DVDs, that's fine too.

If it helps, my preferred genre of music is metal, and I will be using an electric guitar.

Thanks, and I hope this is the correct forum.
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Guitar for Dummies is pretty good - when I was learning I managed to get hold of a Rockschool book which was pretty good, although I doubt it's easy to find now!
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Try getting the book Guitar for Dummies. It doesn't really cover metal, but it'll give you the skills you'll need.
Thanks guys. I will get guitar for dummies. I usually shy away from the "for dummies" books because I know that any computer-based ones such as C++, JAVA, or UNIX are pretty bad. I guess the guitar one is better then.

It's on my list. Any others?

has lots of good videos of the basics. also its free, and you can check it out immediately
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has lots of good videos of the basics. also its free, and you can check it out immediately

Wow, that's an amazing resource.

Thanks a lot, that's an incredible find.
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