I've been looking for an amp for a good sound for metal and has deep clean tones, any help would be great
That's a bit vague... what kind of bands are you talking about? Metal and good cleans is very broad and will get you everything from Baron to Mesa to Mako amps.
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budget & location please?
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um, sorta like metallica when it comes to the clean, but also with a really heavy distortion channel, or either
Peavy 5150/6505 will probably suit your needs.
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Peavy 5150/6505 will probably suit your needs.


I picked up mine used (in Australia) for $1000. Just takes a while to track one down.
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ya, if your looking for crystal cleans...dont buy the 6505, because they are essentially non-existant in it...for gain tho, the 6505 suits your needs very well

EDIT: OOOORRR, you can go a bit cheaper and buy a Ibanez TSA15 Tube Screamer amp and buy a metal pedal or two. That tube amp has probably one of the better clean tones i've ever heard, and with a pedal or two it can get WAAAAY into metal territory (i used to own one and i played all kinds of metal stuff, ex: metallica, slayer, Pantera etc)
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