i have played guitar for 12 years and bass for 5 years. i just decided to put myself out there as a bassist and i need a bass rig that will work for small to medium venues. the style is very much indie rock/groove, no slapping. i found a guy on CL selling this head and cab for 475 and he tells me its in perfect condition.

what are your thoughts?
head :
$475? That's a little low to go for that setup in perfect condition unless he's really hard up for cash. It will give you 350 watts @ 8 ohms if that's enough for you. Definitley check it out personally to see if it's in good shape. I'm not a used gear type of dude anyway. But if it's as good as he says it is, then you got a hell of deal there!
not a bad deal at all. in the worst case you gotta find yourself another 8 Ohm cab when playing a bigger venue
And any sound man who's worth his sale will have you DIed at any large venue.

Solid rig man, if it's in good nick I say go for it.
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The rig will work well together, nicely.

For 475 tho? You'd nearly pay that for the cab alone second hand so take a good long look when buying, make sure every button and knob does what its supposed to do etc.
Those appear to be good pieces of gear for what you want. but with the price its more or less a "too good to be true moment" I'd try them out first make sure all speakers are in the cab (Made that mistake myself) and if it sounds good do it.
thanks for all the input. i picked up the rig this morning and.......

its literally brand new.

The story is :
He had a house with a home studio, hes a drummer. He bought this rig just to have a bass rig for recording. He lost his house, had to move into an apt, and had no room. It had just been sitting in the middle of his living room the last 6 months. The amp had a total of maybe 5 hours on it he said. The head and cab dont even have a scratch on them. I am truly blessed
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