Oi Pit!
This is a youtube channel made by a friend of mine: ''drinkenmetmelk'', in english: DrinksWithMilk.
Every week on thursday a new episode gets uploaded.
this is the first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IM785zeJS0
The concept is simple: every week he drinks something mixed with milk.
This has no educational purpose, some find it amusing, some not.
If you like the channel please subscribe and if you got a really good idea what he should mix with milk or tell your opinion about it please let me know in this thread!

(it is mostly in dutch but the video doesn't have any lyrics so you don't have to understand dutch)
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Should point out that Doctor Rock has a point, by the way - we do have some of the biggest nutters (usually in a funny way) in the country.

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