I quite liked this, reminded me a little bit of this 90s shoegaze sound at times, Swervedriver and such, and of TPOBPAH and LUDGF. This was very well executed overall, I liked the tension the D chord created at times. Very mellow ending to the song, a great and very happy feeling, something which is not found very often in this forum. I like your work, you should definitely post more of your work.
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I like the way you used the piano in the intro. Pretty mellow. You used the delay pretty well too. I wish there was more music like this in this forum. The only real problem is the song is too repetitive. Once you get to bar 65 you're like finally lol. I was expecting the song to be a bit longer considering that huge build up. Didn't like the ending too much with just that bass drum.

Overall, decent song. I love indie music so its nice to get some more of that in here. Song would benefit with vocals (obviously), and not being so repetitive, but some indie-genres are like that so yeah. But with only two real sections a lot of people will find this boring. Try to expand on the song and I'll relisten :p

Anyways, if you could return the favor and critic the song I posted on the 11th post https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1435550
If you want to critic the ones in the OP too feel free to, but I got enough critics from just those few that I'm content with you only criticizing the last song.
Definitely has an Explosions In The Sky type vibe going on even down to the drum track. I personally loved it and the overall mood set by the track was rather uplifting. Simplistic but the layering was brilliant and interaction between each instrument track was spot on. I feel this would make a great Lead Track on an EITS type Modern-Post Rock album for sure, Especially with the Drum Beat at the outro (Leading into a nice epic track). Definitely a keeper and something that would be nice to hear properly recorded one day.

If you can, I've got a new track ->https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1436593 -< If you could give some feedback, i'd definitely appreciate it.
yeah, this song didn't really have an ending and because it was so repetitious I decided to just use it as a title track as someone suggested lol. But thank you all for your feedback - much appreciated! and i really had no idea people wanted to hear indie/ambient music on here so much. Ive been hesitant to post music on the forums for fear of it being stolen or ripped off - but i went ahead and posted ONE more for people to listen to - its called We Become - check it out