Hello hello.

I'm looking to save for a new guitar sometime soon. I currently use:


I've had it for about 2 years and it's gone through a fair bit of 'wear and tear'. It still plays great but i'm looking to expand my arsenal of guitars.
I'm interested in a guitar with a good tremolo system and a generally good set up for some nice lead playing.

What i'm wanting to know from this thread however, is whether or not my choices will be a real step up from a sort of average guitar that i have now to a more advanced guitar.

Considering my budget i was thinking of buying:


It would be great to know peoples thoughts on whether it's a real step up on my current guitar and worth the money i'll be paying. Is it more of an advanced players guitar or more casual?

The other guitar i had in mind which is >>way out of my budget<< was:


Is it worth saving up that extra money for a better guitar? And if so, how much better is it than the other option?

General feedback would be much appreciated. thank you (:
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I would not recommend the Synyster. It might be a decent guitar, but you pay a lot for the name and might get an equal or better guitar for less money, just like all signature models are.
The Jackson is a great guitar, although I don't know how much of an upgrade it is from your Ibanez, as I never played that one.
I'm sure you'd like the Syn model, but Dark is right, you pay a lot for the name on those signature guitars. I'd rather spend the same amount for a nicer guitar than for a lesser guitar with a high profile name on it...
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You want to choose the A7X guy's moneygrubbing Schecter over your $1,500 RG for lead work? Somethings not adding up.

That soloist, however, is a badass guitar. I'd highly recommend that over anything from the Schecter line.
Thanks a lot for the advice guys, and JustRooster i do acknowledge what you said. I just am really interested in buying a guitar with a good tremolo system this time, but i'm rather clueless as to what is the best. Do you know of any higher end guitars up to 2grand that would suffice, or do they generally all go for higher?
The Jackson i've seen go for up to $4500 in shops, and the lowest i've seen on ebay is about $2000 (i would also prefer not to buy second hand), yet i'm very sceptical about making big purchases on ebay, so hopefully i can avoid that if possible.
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