I'm looking to electrify my 70's Martin copy (MIJ) without doing anything permanent, and I can also pick up a Fishman Rare Earth single coil for a good price (but for a limited time only).
Are they any good?
I'd love to hear the Rare Earth blend, but it's way out of my price range, so I've basically forgotten about that. There are cheaper passive options even though the fishman is reduced price, like the Seymour Duncan offerings, so is the fishman worth spending a little bit of extra money on?

For information the guitar is dreadnought shape, mahogany neck, solid spruce top, I think the sides are laminated rosewood, and it's got a bone nut and brass saddle, fairly balanced tone with a nice clear top end =]
I was looking into getting one for a while, but the price point really put me off. I'm also not too keen with the pickups which affect picking "depth".

I ended up going with the K&K Pure Mini, which is cheap and very, very good. If you're willing to take a punt on it I'd support your decision.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Well I can get the rare earth sc for the same price as this K&K Pure Mini you recommend It's ex-display and has a soiled box. Like I care about the box lol Will come in at around 90 quid instead of 140

Also I don't want to modify the guitar permanently at all, so I'm guessing a soundhole pickup is the way to go. The K&K says it can be attached with double sided tape but I'm not sure that would sound too good.

One last thing is that I won't be recording with it, it's just for live playing.
even if you dont want to modify the guitar, the modification only replaces the end pin, and on the rare earths and most sound hole pickups, the input jack still acts as an end pin....the rare earths have a decent amount of cable available to have it coming out of the sound hole but i could see it getting stepped on and yanking it out or the wires....

I have the Humbucker Rare Earth and i dont know if the SC would be the same, but it sounds awsome, but a reduction of the 800hz on an EQ was needed sense it gave my dread some rather massive amounts of mids!!!...nothing wrong with mids of course but the rare earth had enough to kill someone!

Also i had to file down some of the cork so it didnt sit as high, but the fishmans are skinny and rest close to the neck so it never gets in the way of picking.
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One last thing is that I won't be recording with it, it's just for live playing.

Well I sorta assumed that...with recording you usually get a far superior sound by playing with a mic.

I guess the other drawback for me is that soundhole pickups can affect your picking depth, but I'm guessing at this point you have your heart really set on the Rare Earth. I'm sure it'll be great, and that's a great price you have there.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Replacing the end pin would mean drilling the guitar, I'd be perfectly happy doing it on a guitar I'd bought, but it was my mum's and she gave it to me. I'm not doing anything permanent to it, full stop. I guess the cable being stepped on could be a bummer =/

I hold picks quite close and I don't play fingerstyle on steel strings (I'm looking for a new classical) so I'm not really worried about the picking depth.

Also I wouldn't say my heart's set on it, it's more that I instinctively think if something's more expensive then it's better (stupid I know), and seeing as I've got a good price I should capitalise on it.

If anyone's got one, how much hum does it have? Obviously being single coil it's susceptible to 50/60Hz hum =/