After scouring the archives i've decided just to ask

I'm a complete beginner to recording and my band and I (indie rock, mostly clean/crunch, drums, bass, two guitars and vocals) are planning on recording soon.
We'll probably use reaper but i'm clueless as to what interface to get.

The maximum i'd want to spend is about 300$
I can't recommend an interface straight out, but I would recommend considering what you want to record. If you're tracking parts individually and you want to record a full kit you'll need an interface with at least 3 XLR channels (The Glyn johns method). Or a larger amount of inputs if you want to record everything all at once.

You should bare in mind that some interfaces will come with bundled software, Alesis bundle some of their interfaces with stripped down versions of cubase and ableton, an M-audio or digidesign interface will supply you with a basic version of pro tools. Not that there's anything wrong with reaper, it's just something to consider.

I'm sure if you tell everybody more details about the recording project then you'll probably get some more solid suggestions about an interface.
Yes you're right and thank you for the response. I want to record a full kit and yeah we'll probably use the glyn johns method. We plan on recording it track by track and just monitoring it through head phones. I'm aware software comes bundled with some interfaces but i'm not particularly interested in that. Pro tools and cubase sound too deep for what we need so we're happy with reaper or an equivalent at the moment.