Hey folks

I have been advised by the music college I go to to buy a capo as it will come in handy on the course I am doing.

I was just wandering, as the fretboard on my jackson is very wide will I need to find a bigger capo or are they one size fits all?
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generally any capo will fit any guitar, unless the guitar has more than 6 strings


dunlop trigger capo is the one i'd reccomend
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I used to own one of those dunlops

Switched to Shubbs tho: different guitars have different necks, different strings and different string tensions, so I really prefer capos that aren't just sturdy and well built but also adjustable. The Dunlop wasn't bad tho: I did however drop it a few times, got some sand in it after bringing it to the beach and eventually the thing couldn't cope with the tension anymore after being subdued to some serious stretching (I used it on a classical guitar a couple of times > bad idea as it turns out)

So actually my advice would be: buy whatever you want, just be more careful with 'em than I was

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Kyser capos look cool. I don't know how good they are though. I use Dunlop Trigger and am happy.

i have a kyser capo, it was £20.00
well worth it