hey guys, i've whittled my list of amps from the Massive tube amp post from 13 to around 3 or 4...two of those being Blackstar amps, so i was just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with Blackstar amps (preferably either the Ht-40 or the HT-Soloist 60)

my current list is now:
Blackstar HT-40
Blackstar HT-Soloist 60
Carvin V3m (im still iffy on it, mostly because of price, not so much quality)
Bugera 333xl (i still hear alot of people say mixed things about Bugera Amps)

i might as well ask while here if anyone has had any experience with the other amps

could the blackstars play Metal, Classic Rock and Blues?

Thanks for any help...hopefully very soon i will be able to pick up a new tube amp confidently lol
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